The Ultimate Guide To Traveling in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is beautiful country with active volcanoes, gorgeous beaches on  Pacific and the Caribbean coasts! Enjoy the tropical landscapes in the mountains and see where the jungle meets the ocean, explore the rainforest and cloud forest , relax in natural hot springs, and later take an adventure tour like Zip lines or canopy tour, rafting, rappelling, horseback riding, or do a fun tour on ATVs by Arenal volcano or through palm plantations near Manuel Antonio and much more with these adventure vacation packages.Best places and things to do in Costa Rica are as follow-

La Fortuna waterfall – Travel to the magnificent La Fortuna Waterfall! The waterfall towers over 225 feet and is surrounded by dense, lush tropical rain forest and an emerald pool of water below.  Swimming is permitted so be sure to pack your swim suit and water shoes.

Vacation packages to Costa Rica


Arenal 1968 walk-   Until just recently, Arenal used to be one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Although still an active volcano, Arenal has slowed down in its eruptions. Enjoy majestic views of this colossal giant and the surrounding areas, as well as see the flora and fauna, tropical birds and butterflies in their natural surroundings.


Manuel Antonio  Offers the natural beauty of primary and secondary rainforests, exuberant wildlife, sparkling white sandy beaches, shimmering blue water and fresh ocean breezes. Here you might be able to see all four types of monkeys: howler, spider, white faced capuchin and the endangered squirrel money, along with sloths and other tropical creatures.

Costa Rica custom tour packages

 Zip lines and canopy tours- zip-lines have developed into one of the country’s most popular and widespread activities. They offer travellers a unique means of accessing beautiful and remote natural areas. You can find zip-lines all over Costa Rica.



Surfing- If you have always wanted to learn to surf or want to step your surfing up a level in line with your budget, these adventure vacation packages are the ideal choices for you.


Volcanos-  Arenal,The massive volcano,which towers above the nearby town of La Fortuna, remains a breathtaking sight. And the area around Arenal is filled with outdoor adventures. There are waterfalls, swimming holes, hiking trails, whitewater rafting trips, zip lines — and don’t forget those terrific hot springs.

Beaches- Travelers who like beaches with good facilities will be happy to hear that Costa Rica is home to several mega beach resorts. With these  adventure vacation packages , Expect to find lovely white sand beaches lined with palm trees, rugged beach coves, and volcanic black sand beaches.


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